Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Performance research by Eve Houston and Itta Howie
Slowly over many months we have developed a relationship with the river Frome. Our research is based on sensory experiences and embraces the notion of being-in-the-world, taking part in the world as sensing human beings. Inspired by scientific research we have created a ritual around measuring and gathering data. Unlike objective scientific results our data is personal, gained through lived experience, sensed deeply inside the body and translated into movement not figures. Research as ritual and meditation …

See also Eve’s blog. Photo below by Kamina Walton.

Measuring the Flow of the River Frome
A score for two people:

At the river 
I lower my hand into the water
to sense the flow and rhythm

You witness

I translate my sensations
into a flow of movements

You witness

I walk downstream
letting the residual rhythm
carry me

You join my walk
and choose the next place

We swap roles and proceed.