Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lost in Broadmead

Last Sunday I met with Beth Porter, Mark Anthony Whiteford and Bart Jekiel for a multi-art improvisation session at DanceSpace, Bristol. Bart and I had explored movement and drawing before (see posts Burning Giraffe and Shared Imagination). Now Beth and Mark added soundscapes and more. Continuously improvising for 1.5 hrs, we wove sound, voice, movement and drawing into a wonderful web of surreal stories.

Moments I recall:
At the opposite end of time I feel a painful embrace long gone. A voice nagging inside ... longing ... losing. A dog searching for his bone. A woman with a hole in her belly, lost in Broadmead. He doesn't see, he doesn't care. A crow arrogantly judging. A scarf took a piece of neck away. Lines drawn on bodies. Bones tapping bones at the Police Station. No 75 bus taking them home.

Moments Bart drew: