Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Pilates meets Improvisation at Bristol National Jam

I am exited about teaching two morning warm-up sessions at Bristol National Jam 2018 on 6th and 7th October. Dancers from the whole country will gather in Bristol coming weekend to practice and celebrate the form of Contact Improvisation.

In my class Pilates meets Improvisation (Stability & Mobility of Joints) I draw on the discipline of Pilates and the explorative nature of improvisation. In this slow and focused class we prepare our bodies for taking weight and moving with fluidity. No previous Pilates experience necessary. Individual guidance will be given within the group context.

I am intrigued by how my two passions (the Pilates system and movement improvisation) could meet and feed each other. To explore this interweaving of forms I use a teaching approach inspired by experiential anatomy facilitation.

Looking forward to sharing the floor with a group of dedicated practitioners and awesome teachers!